Service Callsign Frequency Offset Location Input Tone Output Tone
2m Voice Repeater VK2RSH 147.100 +600 kHz Alpine 91.5 Hz 91.5 Hz
70cm Voice Repeater VK2RSH 439.375 -5 MHz Alpine 123 Hz 123 Hz


IRLP node 6537 is active on the SHARC repeaters.
Accessing IRLP is pretty straight forward, but please observe the few simple rules and be courteous to other users.

Echolink node number 393375 is also active on the repeaters, however access has been restricted to other repeaters and certain users.  If you wish to be allowed access to Echolink from a computer you need to send an email to the system administrator and ask to be added to the user allow list.

IRLP Rules.

Local traffic has first use of the repeater, if there is someone using the repeater locally do not attempt to access IRLP.
Please key up and announce your intent to use IRLP and wait to see if anyone wishes to use the repeater locally if nothing is heard then dial the node number you wish to call.
Please leave a 3 second gap between overs to allow other stations wishing to join in to do so.
Please disconnect your links when you have completed your call.

Making an IRLP call

When making an IRLP call simply dial the 4 digit code using a DTMF microphone or tone generator.
To end the call dial 73 on your DTMF microphone of tone generator.

Making an Echolink Call

To make an Echolink call, you need to dial the # before the node number you are calling.
For example if we want to call node 123456 you need to dial #123456 on your DTMF microphone or tone generator.
To disconnect your link simply dial 73 on your DTMF mic or tone generator.

Some Useful Scripts.

*01 will give you the latest weather conditions from the BOM for the Mittagong Area
*69 will tell you the last call made from the node and the last call made to the node